Reconstruct is used to divide a model into smaller parts. The federated model can be very large in size, and can be cumbersome to work with at times, especially during coordination.

By using the Reconstruct tool, the model can be split into smaller parts, such as by levels or sections. This can be achieved by using various tools such as the Section planes. Hide the unrequired objects, or simply select the objects to be included in the new reconstructed model.

The following image shows there are three selection modes:

  1. Export All: Exports all the objects
  2. Export Selected Only: Exports only the selected objects
  3. Export Except Hidden: Exports all the visible objects

image for reconstruct 1

Below is an example of a model reconstructed for two levels, eliminating all other objects. The model was reduced from 40MB to 20 MB in this process.

 Below are the advanced settings for the Reconstruct mode.

image for reconstruct 4

  1. By selecting these fields, the reconstructed model will eliminate these properties, reducing the file size.
  2. Change the attribute to hidden, which will not get displayed in the Properties panel.
  3. Save Overridden Color/Transparency to override the objects color to used defined color.
  4. Create Item Guid will create a random GUID for the objects at item level (Geometry Level) as shown below.
  5. Any user data added with the Integrator tool in iConstuct will add a Prefix to the user tab as shown below.
  6. By ticking this box, the reconstructed model will only read information to the set level as shown below.
    iConstruct image for reconstruct 9

Zone Slicer for ReConstruct

iConstruct’s  new ‘Zone Slicer’ for ReConstruct enables even more control over your models. Either import your own cuboid zone NWD, or use the provided utility to create a zone volume NWD from your sectioned viewpoints (the NWD can also be used in Zone Tools or Zone Grouper), then enable in ReConstruct to export a sliced NWD for each viewpoint. Note that this module supports cuboid zones only at this time.

Zone slicer screenshots below:








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