Smart and Efficient Clash Management

Improve the efficiency of managing clash results by easily isolating clashes by status or level in particular sections of the model.

“The time needed to process, review and manage [project] coordination has been dramatically reduced. With iConstruct we are working smarter, not harder”

Mark Decker, Director of Virtual Design and Construction, Jacobsen Construction, USA

Status visualizations for project managers

Powerful reporting and color-coded groupings helps your project to stay on track from concept to completion.

Export your model in leading file formats

With iConstruct, you can export your model from Autodesk Navisworks to IFC 4, DWG and DWFx making it interoperable with other leading CAD software and viewers.

Automate recurring tasks using BIMFlow

Our team will show you how to use BIMflow to automate and schedule multi-step or repetitive tasks.

Advanced Exporting

Building Intelligence.

iConstruct is a business information modeling (BIM) software for Autodesk Navisworks, suitable for a large range of industries worldwide. It ensures a project is as efficient and simple as possible for teams to manage and maintain from concept to completion and beyond, and is backed 24 hours a day by our support and development team.

30 Nov 2017

iConstruct 2018 is here!

New feature includes “Clash Signature Tracking” tool to identify individual clashes and not just the clashing objects. That and a few more to supercharge your clash management!

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iConstruct is proud to be an Autodesk Solution Associate

iConstruct is proud to be an Autodesk Solution Associate

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  • Advanced WorkPackaging

    This tool gives you a drag and drop interface to simply build work packs based on attributes in your Navisworks model. It delivers a flexible component based work packing system to streamline the creation of Advanced Work Packages.

  • Clash Manager

    A drag and drop tool that makes using Clash Detective in NavisWorks’  more efficient by allowing grouping, sorting in ways that include proximity radius and Zone data. The report designer allows you to view and distribute clash views with location markers and  associated clash data.

  • Model Compare

    Our model compare tool also allows for property comparison and determines if an object has changed based on a nominated ID. The tool is exposed to BIMFlow, which allows overnight batch comparisons to be run so the results can be stored in a database file and used at a later time.

  • ReConstruct

    A powerful tool which allows you to reorganize and group a model’s hierarchy to optimise the model’s selection tree for different stages.You can also export a cropped model, based on section planes or cuboid zone, making the files more portable.

  • Smart DWG Exporter

    Export mesh or solid intelligent DWG’s directly from Navisworks with x-data, layer customization based on model data with retention of colours, groups and more.This allows you to import or view it with leading CAD software.

  • Zone Tools

    Zone Tool uses intelligent bounding geometry to isolate intersecting and enclosed objects and stamp information to them. This is often used for allocating location-based information.

  • Color Code

    Visualize your models by applying colour codes based on external datasets or model properties. Automatic generation of selection sets makes reporting easier.

  • Datalinker

    Using a unique ID, pull in data from from any external data source (Excel, Access and SQL and any other ODBC) into the model to ensure your model data is always up to date and relevant to all parties.

  • Audit Data

    Simplify the creation and saving of viewpoints based on model’s internal properties allowing easy access to visualised representations of model data. The same can be done for external properties by using colour-coded groupings.


Automate and schedule frequently used iConstruct and Navisworks routines. Powerful customization and scripting allow a tailor-made solution to be applied to your model processing workflow. Save time, money and resources by reducing repetitive work and allowing your BIM-Stars to shine in more critical areas.

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