Integrator allows users to create the their own custom data tab within Navisworks and takes data from one or more read-only data tabs and combines them into a custom data tab.

This is used in situations where companies may want standardization of what data they want displayed when selecting an object in a model. It also reduces the inconvenience of having to look in different tabs and different properties for the required information. This new tab can also be used in Reconstruct, where all the other tabs, except the Integrator tab, can be wiped off for easier access of information.

Integrator is key to using iConstruct successfully, as it takes the user from using read-only data in the models to being able to add data from several sources as the models are shared through the project.

Note: Only one user data tab is able to be created per object.

This could also be used at a project level where the user may be receiving models from different sources and need to set up a project or company specification based on standard required properties. The Integrator command provides the option to configure and create a user defined data tab for both Items and Groups within the Navisworks Model.
In the example below, the PDC Data tab was created from various data fields from various tabs, making it easier to access all these information in a single user tab.
iConstruct image for integrator 1

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