iConstruct drives efficiencies for large Australian resource project through BIM

As the resources sector slows, project sponsors are increasingly seeking better ways to run leaner, and guarantee a project’s return on investment.

FAST – Fluor SKM Iron Ore Joint Venture (FAST JV) is a partnership that has successfully delivered six iron ore expansion projects since 2001. FAST JV undertook a port facility expansion project as part of a major iron ore mine development, with the construction of two additional berths, two shiploaders, a car dumper, and port blending optimisation infrastructure.

By employing the capabilities of iConstruct software, FAST JV was able to benefit from greater collaboration and significant time savings across the project.

David Wearing, Programme Steel Manager, FAST JV, led the initial implementation of iConstruct software to complement the existing Navisworks platform and says,

“The single biggest benefit of having iConstruct is the ease and manipulation of model data in any format. Whether it’s access to fitting and drawings, material quantities or finding and identifying cost code information, iConstruct contributes significant benefits and time savings to the project team – it’s an invaluable tool on site!”

FAST JV has been a market leader as an early Building Information Modeling (BIM) adopter, and this has reaped huge rewards and efficiencies for the expansion project. By ensuring a high quality standard of models and intelligent data during the design and shop detailing stages, they have been able to capitalize on the benefits of having a strong BIM platform in place.

Having already used Autodesk Navisworks as the project review tool, FASTJV embraced the capability of iConstruct, to improve data access from the model, including opening relevant design and detail drawings. In collaboration with Navisworks, iConstruct allows information stored in BIM models and project management systems to be extracted, organized and integrated into one intelligent, multi-layered virtual model.

iConstruct is used throughout all stages of the project cycle, from collating and extracting quantity estimates during the initial conceptual design, facilitating design reviews, tracking and reporting on procurement, and assisting during construction. By then handing over these fully-intelligent models on completion, the owner can continue to use the models for operations and maintenance, by extracting the required information and reports through iConstruct’s extensive suite of tools.



“iConstruct provided the flexibility to manipulate modules to help manage the fabrication and procurement. By color coding and appending data based on fabrication status of installed items, and identifying priority steelwork, we were able to provide accurate module data sheet reporting for the project team, to support coordination, construction planning and commercial approvals.

“iConstruct allowed us to pull together multiple assemblies across different modules into a combined work pack and report. What would typically take four to five hours manually can be done by iConstruct in just two minutes. Based on a total of 67 modules, that is a significant saving.

“The ability for a construction manager to have real-time reporting by linking the model to progress – to be able to show what steel has not yet arrived on site, at the push of a button – is extremely powerful. Changes in the erection sequence and planning can then be easily analysed.”





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