Audit Data

Audits is a very powerful tool to quickly create viewpoints and selection sets based on model properties and/or predetermined search criteria (search sets).

Utilize predetermined search sets within your model, or take advantage of iConstruct’s auto filtering option, to identify and isolate model geometry based on the information within.

The first example shown has isolated model geometry specific to each building discipline. iConstruct contains an option to embed the search sets XML file into your iConstruct profile for use across multiple models without loading the search sets into the model. iConstruct create viewpoints for each of the search sets defined, showing only the objects in the search sets.

iConstruct image for Audit Data 1

This second example shows viewpoints automatically created in Navisworks based on the “System Name” property within the mechanical discipline. The audit is run over the selected geometry, in this case mechanical, and creates views and selection sets for each different system name allowing you to quickly identify incorrectly named systems and highlight each system individually within the mechanical model.

iConstruct image for Audit Data 2

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