Smart DWFx Exporter

Smart DWFx Exporter is a tool which leverages the inbuilt Navisworks DWFx export function to create DWFx files from the Navisworks BIM model.

Smart DWFx Exporter was originally intended for use with CostX – first preparing the models into a consistent format then exporting using the Smart DWFx Exporter tool in order to bring into CostX for estimation.
The tool performs 3 functions:

  • Ensures all data from the model is brought across correctly into the DWFx file
  • Formats Revit data properties to append the units as text so DWFx-compatible quantity estimation packages like CostX can make use of them
  • Allows for a single nominated data tab to be brought across into the DWFx, purging other properties and therefore allows for a smaller file size

In the image below, a Revit model has been brought into Navisworks. There are 26 different property tabs for the selected item, one of which is the Integrator-applied user data tab ‘iConstruct CostX Data’

iConstruct image for Smart DWFx Exporter 1

Once configured, select the parts of the model you wish to export and click the ‘Smart DWFx Exporter’ button and a ‘Save As’ dialog box will appear, select a file name and the routine will run. Once completed, a confirmation box will appear.

iConstruct image for Smart DWFx Exporter 3 iConstruct image for Smart DWFx Exporter 4

The exported DWFx file can now be opened in CostX, Autodesk Design Review or any other DWFx-compliant software package.

iConstruct image for Smart DWFx Exporter

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