Data Link is a powerful tool that provides the ability to bring in related information from external data sources and be displayed within the Navisworks model.

Once a link is established, the data will save itself to a rewritable tab (see Integrator) that you set up. With compatibility to XLS, MDB or ODBC Data Sources, companies can now further extend the amount of information included in a BIM Model inside of Autodesk Navisworks.

To use data link, you must first identify a consistent relationship between information within the model and that of an external data source. Once a relationship is established, use data link to map additional information between the two databases and propagate the information onto your user defined data tab. The tool can be used to apply any information held outside of your models, whether it is for commercial, legal or accessibility reasons. All fields within this properties tab are rewritable, which provides the option to re-save or export back to the original data source via Excel or preferably MDB. Once configured, the operating the data link tool is as simple as pressing a button in iConstruct.

The following example shows cost information that originally only existed in an Excel database mapped to the doors within a model. When combined with iConstruct’s export data tool, you are able to produce a database, combine with new information, and push this data back into the model for reporting and coordination activities.

iConstruct image for datalinker 1 iConstruct image for datalinker 2 iConstruct image for datalinker 3


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