Export Data

iConstruct’s Export Data feature allows users to export customised reports from all data within your Navisworks models in various formats including Excel, Access and PDF (combining data, charts, images and tables).

Export data interrogates object data within your models and reports on predetermined fields in the format specified through the configuration templates. The tool can be used in countless scenarios including the production of audit reports, schedules, graphical representations of model data, and as a basis for amending model information to be linked back with iConstruct’s Data Link tool.

The following example shows information contained within the doors of a model. Export data has been used firstly to export this to an excel sheet for scheduling and secondly as a PDF report detailing the different types of doors within the project and their quantities. These exports can be used weekly to both assess changes in model information as well as rationalising object types for project procurement.

iConstruct image for Export Data 1

iConstruct image for Export Data 2

iConstruct image for Export Data 3


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