Color Code

The Color Code tool will read a variety of external data sources and color your model on predefined rules, including SQL queries.

The option is included to import this data into your model at the same time, adding flexibility and allowing users of ‘Freedom’, to easily visualize all data, color coded viewpoints, as well as access it directly through the model.

The color code result is the same as the Audit, however the configuration is different as can be based on various external data sources.

Colour code configuration screengrab

Colour code excel data source screengrab

Use this with the View Report tool and you can quickly generate pdf, Excel, html and many other report formats.

For greater control, consider levering the Report designer, where you are able to create highly customizable Visual Reports, which are great for highlighting model status, for example: Automated MTO’s, dimensioning, multiple views per page, grouping, sorting, charting and transparency options etc. Include any data from the model selection, and/ or that is visible in each viewpoint.

PDF reports can be created from saved viewpoints utilizing view and object data.

Colour code completion status screengrab




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