Jacobsen Construction explain how iConstruct has proven invaluable to their business

As any construction professional will tell you, all types of projects today come with their own set of challenges. This is especially the case with large-scale, construction projects, where success is dependent upon many things working well, including a contractor’s ability to manage a complex web of construction challenges and planning-related issues over an extended timeframe.

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City Creek Center

This is why construction companies of all sizes are looking for ways to increase efficiencies and streamline work processes in an effort to not only enhance their own business practices, but also positively impact the bottom-line results of customers. One such company is Jacobsen Construction, an iConstruct customer from Salt Lake City, Utah, that has been doing business for 93 years.

In fact, Jacobsen Construction was recently named the state’s “Best Commercial Contractor” in the 2015 Best of State Competition, which recognizes outstanding individuals, organizations, and businesses in Utah. Winners in this annual contest are selected based on their excellence of work, innovative practices, and contribution to the quality of life in Utah; and this is the second year in a row Jacobsen Construction has won the award.

“We needed a more efficient way to organize clash results, monitor progress throughout the coordination progress, and communicate system design resolutions with our project teams,” says Decker.

Given the size and scope of the projects Jacobsen Construction oversees, finding even small ways to improve their design coordination can have a significant impact, especially when dealing with multi-million dollar projects.

Some of the company’s past work includes: the City Creek Center, Utah’s premiere urban retail development; the worldwide corporate campus for doTERRA in Pleasant Grove, Utah; and the new Eccles Outpatient Services Building at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City.

As you can imagine, projects like those listed above require lots of moving parts and a great deal of interaction between multiple people in different departments, which, of course, requires the reliable (and accurate) workflow environment iConstruct creates.

“The Clash Manager tool and Create Groups are the features we use the most,” explains Nick Tanner, an iConstruct user and member of Jacobsen’s virtual design and construction department.  “With only a few clicks, all clashes are easily sorted in a way that helps our workflow review and allows for easy recognition by MEPF trades for review.  It has also helped us normalize our overall process by using a similar template for each individual project.”

According to both Decker, and Tanner, the efficiencies offered by iConstruct are a huge selling point, as is the ease-of-use it offers for even new users.

“iConstruct has reduced the sorting and grouping of clash results to just a few minutes and this allows for quicker turnaround times for coordination teams, as well as on-the-fly updates when someone posts a new model that would otherwise require downtime to re-compile, run, sort, and review,” explains Decker.  “Given this, our clash detection time has been cut by more than 50 percent, so it relieves a lot of stress that was previously associated with preparing for clash meetings and allows us to stay ahead of the MEPF team and better understand where energy has been focused.”

Mark DeckerDirector of Virtual Design and Construction

Mark DeckerDirector of Virtual Design and Construction

And according to Tanner, getting up-and-running with iConstruct wasn’t an issue.  “It has a pretty quick learning curve, so after seeing it done a couple of times and trying it out, we were customizing the Clash Manager to streamline our workflow,” he says.  “It has also helped us communicate better with our subcontractors by omitting false positive clashes and, instead, focus on clashes that are important to proper system design.  So we are no longer observers of the coordination process, but are now contributors.”

Bottom line, as testament to Jacobsen Construction’s first-hand experience, iConstruct proves to be a valuable tool when it comes to managing complex workflows and design projects.  It’s offerings, real-time support, identifying (and alleviating) pinch points in the coordination process, and providing in-depth reports – all of which increase efficiencies and productivity in the overall process of project coordination.

“The time needed to coordinate a project isn’t drastically reduced, but the time needed to process, review, and manage the coordination process has been dramatically reduced.  So with iConstruct we are working smarter, not harder,” says Decker.

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