Case Studies

iConstruct is already providing solutions to global clients in all kinds of industries. To learn more about how our award winning technology has solved specific client challenges, take a look at some recent examples of our work.  

Murray Company enjoys the powerful benefits of iConstruct across portfolio of projects

The iConstruct Workflow Management tool for automation of tasks is the “next big tool” Francis wants to start using regularly, but he indicates utilizing iConstruct definitely provides them a platform from which their team can do things faster and much more efficiently.

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Clark Construction Group embraces the power of iConstruct for Virtual Design and Construction

The Miami Convention Center is an example of a project where Ava Norton says their use of iConstruct as a part of the planning and construction process proved to be beneficial.

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How iConstruct helped SSOE create efficiencies across 30 of their projects

They have now used iConstruct on more than 30 projects and they continue to find different ways to utilize the software’s many different tools.

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iConstruct drives efficiencies for large Australian resource project through BIM

By employing the capabilities of iConstruct software, FAST JV was able to benefit from greater collaboration and significant time savings across the project.


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Riddleberger Brothers use iConstruct to stay well informed for their construction projects

There are many critical elements that need to be addressed in any construction project.  Many project managers, though, might list “efficiency” and “successful time management” as two of the more important ones, no matter the type and/or size of project.

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Jacobsen Construction explain how iConstruct has proven invaluable to their business

As any construction professional will tell you, all types of projects today come with their own set of challenges. This is especially the case with large-scale, construction projects, where success is dependent upon many things working well, including a contractor’s ability to manage a complex web of construction challenges and planning-related issues over an extended timeframe.

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