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iConstruct: Taking BIM to a New Dimension

iConstruct software is an award winning advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution that utilizes the collaboration and review technology provided by Autodesk Navisworks.

What is iConstruct?

A powerful information management tool, iConstruct enables the vast array of information stored in the latest generation of BIM models to be extracted, organized and used in an efficient and logical way.

iConstruct allows project teams and consultants to manage design and construction information to suit various segments of the industry, from design engineers to construction managers, and integrate this intelligence into a single 3D model displayed in Navisworks.

By running on Navisworks, iConstruct interacts with the large majority of design software currently in use and has the ability to read a large number of different CAD formats. This enables its use by second and third parties, without the need to purchase expensive design software, while gaining access to the information stored within the design.

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Greater Accuracy

Utilizing a range of data management tools, iConstruct allows the user to organize and control the data from various design models, as well as add additional information, in a simple and effective manner.

The user can tailor the way the information is displayed and reported. Each part of the design/construction team is able to filter out the unnecessary information, giving a more effective focus on their area of delivery.

Using an extensive array of in-built tools, iConstruct enables the user to extract any information input at the design stage. This allows the project team to produce more accurate plans and reports, based on the wealth of data held within the model.

Fully Integrated

iConstruct not only allows users to extract data from a model, it also allows them to write additional data into the model, which can be attached further downstream.

This then allows the model to become a much more powerful component that fully integrates with the operations and maintenance manual for a finished project. This passes the value of the model from the designers, through the construction team, and on to the facilities manager and client, giving a ‘cradle to grave’ capability to the BIM model.

By capitalizing on the ever-expanding advantages provided by BIM Management, iConstruct is creating a revolution in design and construction that means greater efficiency and even greater cost savings.

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